Welcome to the month of July! We are very excited for the summer!

Important Update! Our tuition rates will be increasing starting July 1st. This is to help with the current inflation of the economy and also to stay in compliance with the federal guidelines of minimum wage increasing to 15 dollars an hour. Attached you will find the new tuition rate sheet for 2022-2023.

This sheet outlines the rate change and tells you new weekly and monthly rates.

This summer we have lots of fun activities planned. During July, we will be going on a bear hunt, learning about Fiesta’s, and we will be going on a safari.

We will also be having Pirate week with a dress up day/ water day to wrap up July. During the summer we will be having water days every other Friday.

Please help us keep your child safe at school by sending them with safe shoes for the playground. Sneakers work best for climbing and running, and they also keep the children’s toes safe. Please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubbies for any spills or accidents.

Please check your child’s classroom calendar to see what your child will be doing each day. Calendars are also posted on the bulletin board in each classroom throughout the month. Feel free to ask your child’s teacher for more info on any calendar items.

During this month of July the new direction and new staff will be happy to meet all the families. For further information in regards to staff members changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for being a part of our family at Miss Adele’s Learning Center!

Much love from the amazing Miss Adele’s Staff!

Dates to remember:
July 4th: Closed Happy 4th
July 15th: Water Day
July 22nd: Safari day- Dress up
July 25th: Pirate Day
July 29th: WATER DAY