Our Staff


Hello my name is Derek.

I grew up in Europe, now I’m a citizen of Lakeland and love it!

At Miss Adele’s Learning Center I take care of the administration and bookkeeping but most of all I like to welcome everyone at the main door.

Either you arrive or you leave I’ll be happy to see you!


Hello, my name is Lixmar.

I have a bachelor in Psychology and now I am on my new journey in a bachelor in Early Childhood Education.

I love working with children and infants and have been working with them through my college years.

Now at Miss Adele`s Learning Center, where I love to come working, I get to see all the beautiful smiles that come every day through the door.


Hello, my name is Michael. With Southeastern University is my Bachelor in Education, and I have worked with children for years.

I have experience with mainly private schools and churches. I love Jesus Christ and live a christian lifestyle.

I like justice in all fields, I’m considered a veteran from the Marine Corps branch of the United States defense department.

I love working at Miss Adele’s because there are so many children of different ages.


Hello everyone, my name is Kalsey, born and raised in Europe now happily living in beautiful Lakeland.

I’m the teacher floater at Miss Adele’s Learning Center.

I like to be in each classroom and be a help for teachers and children.


Hello everyone, my name is Joanne.

I am a certified elementary teacher; I have been working with children all ages for the past 20 years.

I took the opportunity to work at Miss Adele`s Learning Center because I really like the environment I found with other teachers and so beautiful children enrolled.

I am now in charge of the Infant room number 1 and love it.


Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie. I’m a mother of a two year old son who also attends MALC.

I take care of the infants, although sometimes I float around to help with the older ages.

I enjoy working at Miss Adele’s Learning Center because I love to interact with all of the precious children and watch them grow and learn.


Hello! I’m Areliss! I have been a teacher in daycare for some years now and I love every minute of seeing these babies faces smiling and having fun also while learning!

I have worked with ages ranging from infants to 5year olds and it brings joy to my life!


Hello! My name is Amanda.
I am a mom of two boys and love the outdoors!

I have been in early childhood centers for almost 7 years. I have lots of experience with little ones ranging from birth to 12 years of age.

Al thought I really enjoy working with infants and toddlers! I love watching little ones explore the innocence of the world through play.

I would like to expand my education and one day I would like to run an in home daycare!


Greetings! My name is Mason, although in the classroom I’m Mr. Little, and I’ve been teaching kids to read and write since I could practically do so myself!

I’ve always had an avid love for helping those around me grow into the best versions of themselves possible, both young and grown, and I love making changes that I feel will impact the world for the greater good! I also have a little sister who’s always lacked a father, and it’s caused our bond to become even stronger for sake of having always been her older male figure.

This is yet another reason I have such a yearning for teaching children as she has always been my everything for longer than I can recall, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love all of those who are close to me, and I’m always happy to see a childish mind learn something new or embrace a fresh idea whenever they’re under my teachings!