Preschool Program

School year starts!

Preschool program starts Monday August 14 at 8.30am

Preschool Program at Miss Adele’s

Preschool Program is an educational program open to children ages 4 to 5 preparing these children for success in their future lives.

Preschool Program includes age appropriate curricula for all the children enrolled.

Early literacy skills, accountability and much more. Classes are managed by a qualified Preschool Program teacher. At age 5 there is a graduation as the program has come to an end, children are now ready to graduate.

The best preschool program

We are greatly honored by this distinction, because NAC schools are those proven to have classrooms where children can grow and learn, with smaller teacher-to-student ratios (allowing a more personal experience), with the daily monitoring of the health and safety of all children, and partnerships with their families.