Why Choose Us

5 Star Gold Seal Accredited Preschool

Miss Adele’s Learning Center is a 5 Star rated, Gold Seal National Accredited school as rated by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC).

We are greatly honored by this distinction, because NAC schools are those proven to have classrooms where children can grow and learn, with smaller teacher-to-student ratios (allowing a more personal experience), with the daily monitoring of the health and safety of all children, and partnerships with their families.

Perfect DCF Inspection Record

Miss Adele’s Learning Center has a perfect record with the Department of Children and Families.

Several times per year, DCF will inspect all early childhood education centers in the state and evaluate us based on compliance with state regulations.

Miss Adele’s Learning Center is one of the few centers with a completely perfect record consistently.

Our Staff

We at Miss Adele’s Learning Center are dedicated to creating an amazing learning environment – and one of the most important aspects of any such environment are the teachers working in it.

All of our classrooms have two teachers, which allows for greater supervision and a safer environment.

Teacher experience and consistency are critical elements to any successful early childhood program.

Our lead teachers average ten years of early childhood experience, with an average tenure at Miss Adele’s of nearly six years. Each classroom’s lead teacher has a Child Development Associates Degree (or a more advanced degree.)

Additionally, every staff member at Miss Adele’s Learning Center has First Aid and CPR training and certification, and also has certification in Safe Sleep Practices.

All staff members also are certified in literacy training in the ages of birth through age five. Each year, all teachers also receive 25 additional training hours in their particular age group.

Miss Adele’s uses the “Learn Every Day” curriculum, which lays out a basis for educating children with various books, music, nature, and other methods.

Our teachers are truly the most prepared and well-equipped in Polk County, and they’d love to help your child learn and grow.

Quality care

Hi there my name is Caitlin CastroI have worked with children and families for 10 years!

I have an associates degree in early childhood education and management as well as a bachelor’s in psychology.

I have a national CDA and have even done some social work! My goal here at Miss Adele’s learning center is to help provide the best quality care for all our children and their families.

I’m here to listen to any concerns and have joyous moments to share with you!

Passion for teaching

My name is Carina Chaitoo and I attend Polk State College for my AA degree in Business Management.

I love working for Miss Adele’s because I have a passion for teaching and I want to get them young.

Miss Adele’s has great people!

I met a lot a great people at Miss Adele’s and will continue to met awesome people.

We have so much fun

My name is Faith Miller and I’m a one year olds teacher at Miss Adele’s Learning Center and we have so much fun!

I look forward to teaching your one year olds and watching them grow.

Outdoor Setting

All children love going to the playground. Our students at Miss Adele’s are no different – so we decided to create a unique playground experience in our center. We are home to a park-like playground, with various age appropriate equipment and areas for children to play in.

We have two playgrounds, with one for older (3-5) students and one for younger (1-2). We also have a covered outside play area for our infants. Outside play occurs regularly throughout the school day at Miss Adele’s Learning Center.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your child is most important to us at Miss Adele’s Learning Center. Our philosophy is that safety depends first and foremost on people and processes. 

While we do have coded access to our facility and 24/7 live classroom cameras, it’s a highly trained staff and rigorous safety protocols that ensure the safest environment possible. We have multiple emergency exits from the school in the unlikely event of an emergency.

We have detailed safety and security procedures for all possible events, and practice these procedures regularly to be ready and prepared at all times.